SBI PO Recruitment 2015 Interview Tip & Tricks . The selection criteria for SBI PO recruitment involves three phases; a preliminary exam (Phase I) followed by a mains exam (Phase II), and then Group Discussion and Personal Interview (Phase III). Those candidates, who have cleared the SBI PO Mains exam, will now have to go through the Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI) rounds, which are expected to take place from September 7, 2015 on wards

Candidates will be selected on the basis of marks in written exam and interview including group discussion. Group discussion and personal interview plays an important role in selection procedure. During the interview, the panel members select only those few candidates are capable of handling the responsibility, keep calm under pressure, good command over language and updated about the current happenings of the world. Hence, candidates must prepare well for PI and GD. Here are some tips and tricks for you to prepare for interview and group discussion.

Tips & Tricks for Group Discussion (GD):

This is a platform for the candidates to interact and debate with one another in front of the panel of members who hen evaluate their performances. Here, the ability to be a team-leader is analyzed. Your analytical skills and descriptive style are also evaluated. The interviewer gives you two topics to select one of the topics for group discussion and then give 3 minutes to discuss with group for selecting the topic and after that group discussion has to start on that selected topic.

Pen and Notebook – Always carry a pen and a notebook. This will allow you to note down the important points.

Be Punctual – Punctuality is very important.

Follow the instructions or rules – that are told by the panel members at the beginning of the session. They evaluate the candidate’s performance based on his adherence to the rules and guidelines.

Grab the opportunity to initiate the discussion – It will be advantageous if you start the discussion. It generally leaves a good impression on the evaluator, but take the move only if you have complete knowledge of the subject.

Confidence – Be confident, speak proper and clear. Prepare your thoughts well but do not be over-confident

Be a good listener – Train yourself to be a good listener. Be receptive to what others have to say. Remember, it is a group discussion. Give fellow candidates a chance to speak. Respect their point of view.

Body Language – Sit straight with a confident posture. Avoid leaning back on to the chair or playing with your pen or your fingers. Make an eye contact with all the participants. Also keep nodding, when others speak, it shows receptivity. Be careful while using gestures and do not get aggressive.

Presence of Mind – Be calm, don’t panic and concentrate on the discussion.

Balanced Tone – During group discussion, the tone at which you speak is very important. Your voice should be clear and audible at the same time. Some people tend to mumble or talk very loudly, avoid both.

Focus on New Points – If you have nothing new to say, do not repeat the old points. Do not panic if no new points come to your mind. Relax. A calm and composed mind helps you think clearer and better.

Time limit – Very important during group discussion; do not speak on irrelevant topics or be lengthy.

Stick to your point – It is important that you take a logical stand, and defend it using a good reasoning. Remember that the discussion is both a measure of how to contribute to a group discussion and also how you can convince others to agree with you. Prove your point without getting aggressive or using foul language.

Language – Work on your communication skills and language.

Tips & Tricks for Personal Interview (PI):

An interview is a moment of excitement as well as a moment of panic. ‘Interview’ is a two-way exchange program, a conversation, between the Interviewer and job seeker. Personal interview takes place individually for all the candidates. They gauge your General Awareness, confidence level through the PI. We advise the candidates not to neglect the personal interview. Of course personal interview session is very easy but that depends on the persons in the interview panel and it also depends on the candidate answering to the questions. Candidate should create friendly, pleasant positive mood with their skills in the interview. –